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kuroiaishite's Journal

I was born in Pennsylvania in June, but in July of 1996 I moved to California. Since then I lived there for the majority of my childhood but moved to Texas last year.
I am interested in the arts, specifically animation, literature supporting animation, psychelic artwork, superflat, poetry, and music. The music i have been getting into recently is alternative rock. I like how alternative rock can branch from one genre to many genres, like gothic rock, or grunge rock, or any kind of rock for example. I am also interested in alternative metal, as long as it's not current music (I prefer my music to be in the year range of 1970-1990's). My favorite bands are Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, The Offspring, Green River, and Mudhoney.
Considering I'm an anime fan, my favorites are Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hikaru no Go, Inuyasha, and Dragonball Z. I also like the occasional Loveless and Elfen Lied. I would go out of my way sometimes just to watch the animes, like buy the whole box sets, or read the manga.
alternative rock, anime, art, emailing people online, going against social reforms., gothic rock, grunge rock, kuramaxkuwabara, poetry, punk rock, yaoi