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Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes

I think that my favorite cult film all time is Invader Zim. The horrific influences and strange antics would stay forever in peoples' memories. The synopsis is about an alien, Zim, who is in a society that is classified by height. Unfortunately, at a height around 4'1", he doesn't get much respect in his home planet. So in order to gain respect, he tries to invade Earth with his loony and defective robot sidekick, Gir. The rest of the series is him trying to adapt to human society and the misadventures of him trying to conquer Earth.

The essential ingredients for a cult classic are very hard to determine, but to me, the essentials are that it is against the social reforms of an ordinary films. In Invader Zim, what made it so special is that it convicted the norm of human society by stating calmly how stupid society is. Throughout the series, nobody of the norm thinks that Zim is an alien, though it is completely obvious. The only people that know that Zim is an alien is Dib, who acts as the nemesis in the series.