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Mudhoney - You Got It

Woah.. They say you got it
I've seen you got it
You got it.. You got it good
You've got it, You can keep it
That's right.. I don't want it

You give it away like free samples
But I don't want what anyone can have
You've got it.. Yeah you got it
So what?
Keep your mirror.. 'my face
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face

Just cuz you got it, You think everyone wants you
You got it, That's enough
You got it, That's right you got it
You're fucked

Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face

I am Dib

Result Confidence: Low

You are the indefatigable Dib. Only you know the truth and no matter the cost, whether it be your credibility, your future or even a near-fatal wedgie, you must reveal the alien Zim and save humanity from the evil Irken menace!

One day we'll look over and
there you'll be, doing stuff!

Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes

I think that my favorite cult film all time is Invader Zim. The horrific influences and strange antics would stay forever in peoples' memories. The synopsis is about an alien, Zim, who is in a society that is classified by height. Unfortunately, at a height around 4'1", he doesn't get much respect in his home planet. So in order to gain respect, he tries to invade Earth with his loony and defective robot sidekick, Gir. The rest of the series is him trying to adapt to human society and the misadventures of him trying to conquer Earth.

The essential ingredients for a cult classic are very hard to determine, but to me, the essentials are that it is against the social reforms of an ordinary films. In Invader Zim, what made it so special is that it convicted the norm of human society by stating calmly how stupid society is. Throughout the series, nobody of the norm thinks that Zim is an alien, though it is completely obvious. The only people that know that Zim is an alien is Dib, who acts as the nemesis in the series.

Up and down, Around the World

The world stops for no one
Everyone knows that
One moment you are at the top of the world
The next you are trying to keep track.

As technology progresses,
The world becomes even faster
I think there is nothing
That can stop computers from progressing.

Do I want computers to rule?
Of course, I'm on one
Do I want to be a slave to one?
I am not so sure on that one.....

Computers can only do
What mankind makes it do
They can never, logically
Go beyond their programming.

So let's celebrate
While we still can
We are going up and down, around the world
At the speed of sound.


Writer's Block: Unfriended, Unspecified!

I have had many people in Youtube that have befriended me, only to unfriend me later. They were usually fans of the same music I was into, and i don't usually get that many friends anywhere, much less Youtube. I would get a little crushed, but I got over it.

People are naturally fickle, and rejection is something people have to deal with on a day to day process. For example, people say that I'm not that pretty, not that smart, etc. I think whenever someone personally rejects me, it's just something I have to deal with. Sometimes, I asked the person who unfriended me on Youtube. Sometimes they answer, and say that they are trying to clear their friend's list. Sometimes they never answer back.

Your Classic Suicide

The gun is pointed to the head
One more shot, and it's over
I will be gone into another world
That is far better than this one.

Why is it that I can't do this?
I feel guilty for not connecting to anyone.
Yet, as i try to pull the trigger
Nothing stands in my way,
Yet I just can't pull the trigger.

I reason with myself
And say that it's just me
I want to believe that there is no one
Who is going to stop me.

I have done this before
I have tried, yet I have failed
But this is not the day to fail
No, everything is going right this time
Today is the day I will end my own life
And the only thing that stops me is my conscience.

But, for some reason, I am unable to shoot the gun
So I reason with myself and say that it's the fact that I haven't loaded it
So, I my bullet pack,
And I try to fill the carteridge
But you can't fill an already filled gun.

So then I put the bullet pack away
And I think maybe it's just me
Someone said to me that suicide wasn't the answer
That if I had any courage,
I should continue living.......


I'm sick of feeling there is no one out there
I'm sick of feeling that there is no hope
So, to make the only mark I can on this world
I will pull the curtains on my story,
And make sure nothing stops me.

But somehow I take those guys words
And they haunt me like a ghost
And for some reason
I want to continue to live.

The main thing that makes me stop
Are his eyes as he said I was a coward
Cold, distant...very much like mine
His eyes have saved me from myself over and over again.

As I look into his eyes,
I look at the gun
It just doesn't seem worth it
And like a horrific nightmare that plagued me for years,
The gun is the thing that I most fear.

The gun, his eyes, and me
They all blend together in a metamorphic state
As he screams in my ear to not do it
I yell to myself to pull the trigger....

BAM...like that, my life is over.....

I wasn't the first to die this way
And I won't be the last
But at least those eyes no longer haunt me
I will go into the flames of tomorrow.


I call you
You call me
We wish we could never
Ever , ever leave

We talk for hours
Until the dawn
I find you kind
I find you loving

We talk of ideals
Of dreams and fantasies
Of nightmares and horrors
Of deceptions and lies

I find myself happy
For a few hours
Then it ends
Until the next time

The next time will come
And the dreams will continue
until you stop calling me
Forever and ever.....